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Welcome to Skydancer's LifeStory 天空舞者

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Life is about experiences and relationships, is about joy and love.

This website defines, preserves and communicates these subjects to all people who are interested in exploring their lives to the new dimention. 

I will include collection of photos, moving images, personal discoveries, and the spoken words filled with as much richness about life...


2013 Flying Diary --- Filming the Alaska


 Solo Cross Country in a Home Built RV-7 single engine airplane

From 6-21-2013  to 7-5-2013

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Engine: Lycoming O-360 A1A

Propeller:  Harzell constant speed

Auto Pilot: Trutrak Digi Flight II VSGV

Dynon Skyview EFIS

Garmin 430W, 496, SL-40

Mode S transponder


Survial equipment on board: Parachute, Personal ELT, SPOT, Shotgun,Signal Flares, and all other gears meet Alaska standard.


  The Trip



or Click this link to view the 1st video -- Knik Glacier

 Be sure to select HD (1080P) for best quality




or Click this link to view the 2nd video -- Ruth Glacier


Be sure to select HD (1080P) for best quality




or Click this link to view the 3rd video -- Kluane Lake


Be sure to select HD (1080P) for best quality 




or Click this link to view the 4th video -- Kahiltna Glacier


  Be sure to select HD (1080P) for best quality




More video will be posted, stay tuned





My Alaska Flying Diary

2010 Alaska Flying Diary



June 5th -- June 27, 2010

Total flight time: 111.3 Hours (Tach: 96.0)

Total fuel used: 678 Gallons

Total distance travelled: over 10,000 nautical miles

Total landings: 63

Total attempted landings: 7 (some finally landed some gave up, either too tight or too risky)

Total departure attempts: 5 (endup turning back)

Total out of control: 0

Total fears: 1 ton

Total Joy and challenge: 10,000 tons


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  2012 Alaska Flying Diary




Oshkosh AirVenture (7/20/2012 --- 7/25/2012)


Alaska Flying Diary (7/25/2012 --- 8/7/2012)

    Aircraft: Experimental RV-7 (N28JY)


    Engine: Lycoming O-360 A1A

    Propeller: Harzell constant speed

    Avionics : Dual Dynon Skyview EFIS, Garmin 430W, Garmin 496, Mode-S Transponder, TruTrak Autopilot.

    Survival equipment includes: life jacket, parachute, shotgun, SPOT, portable ELT and gears meet Alaska standard.


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